Gratitude is an Every Day Job

What if we gave thanks as often as we picked up our devices just to scroll aimlessly down our Instagram/Facebook feed? What if it was just as subconscious or thoughtless? They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Can you remember to stop and give thanks for something every day for 21 days? Certainly we have more than […]

The Beauty of Journaling

My diary has truly turned into something beautiful. It is, for the first time, a tangible stream of consciousness that I can forever tap into to both see my growth and relive my experiences. Of course, I’ve had diaries before, if you could call it that. But as with my earlier blog posts, they were always fairly if not fully […]

Chapter 3: The Leap of Faith

Two weeks ago I resigned from my post as a news editor and editorial assistant. After much meditation, I finally admitted to myself that I no longer have the desire to write for a living. (Yes, I said it. You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.) I realised that writing was my catharsis, my escape. Turning it […]

I Never Wanted to be Vegan

I never grew up with an extraordinary love and compassion for animals. I didn’t wake up one day as a university sophomore and realise that I was of the treehugger variety and start campaigning in front of the library about animal cruelty and slaughterhouse conditions. I didn’t watch an eye opening documentary one day that made me sick enough to […]

Oh, The Lessons I’ve Learned

I cannot believe it’s that time already–that time of year when we slow down, revisit, and reflect on all that the year has brought us. The sun is setting on 2015, and if there was ever a year when I really, really, wanted to get this down on…er…computer, it is definitely this one. But where do I begin? Do I […]

The Nature of Healing

I haven’t really figured out how to cope yet. But I’ve been pretending. I’ve been doing everyday things; immersing myself in the mundane and the routine. Anything to stay distracted. And through it all I’ve been reminded just how incredible the human body is. This vessel that we model every day has one job: to keep the wheels turning. Even […]