Cry For Help

It seems as if every day I hear something new about the country I call home and it is almost never anything good. The beautiful island of Jamaica declared its independence from Britain in 1962 and, after the first decade, has been struggling to do something productive. Though still a commonwealth of the Queen, the more recent Jamaican politicians have […]

The Summer is Back

Yesterday was my last day of school for Spring semester 2010. I ended the year off with a full score on my Spanish essay and a 92 on the last quiz. I also took the final in the morning and walked out with confidence. The only thing that somewhat shattered my confidence was the fact that I had been told […]

The Bathing Suit

I celebrated the last week of classes for my sophomore year with two consecutive days by the pool. Despite being three shades darker and having a peeling nose and sunburnt shoulders, I have concluded that life is better in a bathing suit. Some think that bathing suits are not for everyone, but I think that if we could walk around […]


I realise that when I write I seem to portray myself to be far more negative and/or depressed than I truly am. (I guess that’s what makes me a writer.) I never meant to worry anyone, trust me, I am just fine. I have not been sulking, I have not been crying, I have simply been trying to find a […]


It always amuses me the type of characters who show up at IHOP in the early morning hours. I went there with Caribsa after Universal Knights yesterday and got so many laughs that I swore today was going to be a good day. I was wrong. I woke up at 8:41 a.m. for class at nine and then proceeded to […]

This One Is For You

When people say everything happens for a reason, it usually just sounds like a cheap way to skip out on giving a person real advice. It is used so much that it is almost losing its meaning and emphasis. But though it might not help you to feel much better in the moment; in the end when you look back […]

The Microwave Generation

Upon sitting in my terrorism class this morning, I heard my teacher make reference to our generation as the “microwave generation.” Even though I was not fully paying attention, those two words struck a nerve in my mind. Let’s think about this. Re-wind to the days before the microwave was invented. That gets rid of all of those microwaveable instant […]

Beach, Park, Range

I had never seen as many people at the beach as I did on Wednesday afternoon. It was the one day this week that was both warm and sunny and the entire Florida population of spring breakers made their way to South Beach for a much needed beach day. When I approached the beach in the mid-afternoon I saw so […]