Mother Dearest

“There is no love like the love of a mother.” Today I thought I’d dedicate my blog to my wonderful amazing mother. I did not write yesterday because I was busy running errands with her. Sometimes going places with your mother and seeing what she has to do to keep everything together can really put things into perspective. I think […]

Why, Hello Mr. Pepsi. I’ve Missed You

For those of you who do not know, which might be an excitingly many, I have an overly-excessive addiction (yes, I have noted the redundancy) to the devilish concoction they call Pepsi. No, not Coca-cola, PEPSI. FYI, I’ve done blind tests before. They certainly do not taste the same, thank you very much. My sweet, sweet, beautifully toxic Pepsi has […]

Ode To Life

Life. To live every moment like your last and value every second you have with all the people you care about. Every little experience — every joy, sorrow, pain, laughter, disappointment and moment of pure happiness teaches you something you would not normally learn; beyond expression. Without all these little experiences, life would be nothing but an empty gift box. […]

A Memorial Fit for a King

Just a little after 1pm Eastern Time today, July 7 2009, a memorial service for Michael Joseph Jackson was held at the Los Angeles Staple Centre; and what a heartfelt memorial it was. I write this today with tears in my eyes, yet again, for the King of Entertainment. Everyone has his or her own opinion on what part was […]

The Lost Island

To give a bit of background information on myself, I will go ahead and mention that I am a dual-citizen of the US and a small and beautiful little island just south of Cuba, Jamaica WI – where I only lived for a short seven years. Throughout my 18-year life, I have witnessed my island selling its every asset to […]

Welcome To America

To anyone who still has a dream. Whose aspirations for the future have not been crushed by the pessimistic and hopeless aura of the thousands of people who lose their jobs every day, and the tons of college graduates who still can’t find a job. To anyone who is in college, going to class at 2pm because they worked the […]

One Man Died; The World Paused.

Call me a sceptic, conspiracy theorist, extreme fan, or just plain in denial; but on June 25, 2009, at 2:26 pm when Michael Joseph Jackson was pronounced dead and the world paused to mourn, I sat there thinking to myself what a great publicity stunt it was. Record sales would skyrocket the next day, the man suing him for $25 […]

The Beginning.

Hellooo Bloggers ! *applause applause* I have FINALLY made my own blog. ( People have been urging me to for a little while now. ) So here I am. July 2, 2009. I actually already have some previous writings that I want to share with you all. So, I guess we can start there. I might shuffle around a little […]