A Letter From My Brother

Brother unlucky came to visit. He traveled upward of 36 hours to come and see me. And he stayed for 12 days. During those 12 days, we went to Bangkok, Koh Phi Phi, and Bali. They were all beautiful in their own ways. Bali, specifically, was magical. But, in the end, it didn’t really matter where we went or didn’t […]

China is Killing Me Slowly

And I can’t determine if I mean that figuratively or literally or a little bit of both. I just got out of the hospital that I vowed to never return to not even as a dead person. I’m ok, I’m not terminally ill or labelled with any dis-ease. My body is just continuously responding quickly and negatively to this toxic […]

A Different Language

I’ve spent a large part of the last few months of 2017 complaining about China and my experience here so far; and I am well aware that I still have so much to share with you guys about what it has been like. But for my first post of 2018, I’ve decided that I will instead find a few things […]

Chapter 4: Facing Me

I write to you from a tiny village in Yixing, China, known for both tea plants and being the holy land for Buddhism in Southern China. Now, also, it will be known to me as the site of my very first yoga retreat. I mostly came here to be still; to be with myself and find answers to questions I […]

Getting Back to The Source

This summer I went back to The Source.  In fact, I’m here now, basking in the glory of mountain views and island breeze; waking up to smiling faces and the rhythm of the swaying trees.  Summer school hasn’t started yet and so far it feels a lot like a retreat or rehabilitation from the outside world. I’ve been eating 3 […]

Between the Lines

Time to tell me the truth to burden your mouth for what you say no pieces of paper in the way. Because I can’t continue pretending to choose these opposite sides on which we fall and loving-you-laters, if at all.  No right minds could wrong be, this many times? My memory is cruel. I’m queen of attention to details defending […]

Speak Softly, but Carry A Big Stick

Over the last year, (truly…WHERE has the time gone!?) I’ve seen myself align more and more with the universe and my true self every single day. I have manifested big things and small things. I have attracted and repelled things with great force and yet subtle measures. I have rooted deeply within myself. I have been still and silent and […]