A Different Language

I’ve spent a large part of the last few months of 2017 complaining about China and my experience here so far; and I am well aware that I still have so much to share with you guys about what it has been like. But for my first post of 2018, I’ve decided that I will instead find a few things […]

Be Still and Fall in Love

I left China and came to my dream destination and the entire experience so far has been surreal. I wish I could write to you guys about what’s been going on in China, but I know I can’t. Not yet anyway. I can only say that it’s been hard in a very unique way. But the battle is only with […]

Between the Lines

Time to tell me the truth to burden your mouth for what you say no pieces of paper in the way. Because I can’t continue pretending to choose these opposite sides on which we fall and loving-you-laters, if at all.  No right minds could wrong be, this many times? My memory is cruel. I’m queen of attention to details defending […]

Speak Softly, but Carry A Big Stick

Over the last year, (truly…WHERE has the time gone!?) I’ve seen myself align more and more with the universe and my true self every single day. I have manifested big things and small things. I have attracted and repelled things with great force and yet subtle measures. I have rooted deeply within myself. I have been still and silent and […]

No-Cheese Cake

At the risk of turning my site into a food blog, I made a plant-based cheesecake over the holidays that made me really proud. I was inspired by an almond cream cheese crafted by a company by the name of Kite Hill that I discovered one day while browsing YouTube. Somehow I happened upon a “what we do/who we are” […]

Gratitude is an Every Day Job

What if we gave thanks as often as we picked up our devices just to scroll aimlessly down our Instagram/Facebook feed? What if it was just as subconscious or thoughtless? They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Can you remember to stop and give thanks for something every day for 21 days? Certainly we have more than […]

The Beauty of Journaling

My diary has truly turned into something beautiful. It is, for the first time, a tangible stream of consciousness that I can forever tap into to both see my growth and relive my experiences. Of course, I’ve had diaries before, if you could call it that. But as with my earlier blog posts, they were always fairly if not fully […]

Working With Children is Beautifully Viral

The first thing I did as a teacher was get sick. And while I could’ve, and almost did, easily get discouraged by it and the fact that children pass on sicknesses to teachers and each other almost religiously, I instead took it as a welcomed challenge to which I knew the answer would ensure growth and improvement on my part. […]