Exhaustion of The Subject

Evidently there’s still much controversy about whether or not the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) should be fighting this war in Kingston. However, buses that were sent into Tivoli Gardens yesterday for “innocent” people came out empty. Instead, the people adamantly displayed their phones–which were allegedly taken from them by gunmen as ransom–and expressed the fact that they were not held as hostages in the community.

U.S. broadcasts showed even a dog with a cardboard sign saying “We will die for Dudus” as people stood around and demonstrated, comparing Coke to Jesus Christ. I personally believe that JDF is doing a good job. So far the numbers show 25 dead and 211 detained–women & children alike. To some it may sound like too much, to others too little; but at the end of the day history shows that out of revolution comes change.

Unfortunately, innocent people almost always get caught in a war. Many wars have been fought across the planet and some Jamaicans are advocating aggressively because 25 gunmen died? Wake up! They have all collaborated to fight against the security forces, so I say kill them all. As one person wrote, we cannot afford for them to regroup. Perimeters should be set outside of the hot spots in an effort to capture those who have escaped the onslaught. JDF should also have an unlimited access to weaponry and ammunition; it is absolutely unacceptable that these men should be running out of bullets in the middle of a war.

Bloodshed is never something to be proud of, but it is important that we remember that all those who remain in the battle are there by choice–worst those who are firing back at the security forces. The “innocent” who were given the opportunity to leave the area, vowed to stay there and defend Coke until the end. So be it.

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