Choose, for yourself

I just wanted to come on here to say to my peers in the US that you do not HAVE to stay there and suffer. You don’t have to fall into this belief system that incessant struggle is a necessary part of the journey. You don’t have to fall into the paradigm of the false hope of politricks time and […]

We like to complain, don’t we?

I’ve been living in Thailand for 1.5 years already, quickly approaching 2. My dream destination for all my life, if ever there was one. No doubt, a dream destination for many people in the world. I moved here to work at a beautiful Montessori school that I found online when I was looking to escape the horrors of the international […]

A Year of Pain

2019 did not get off to that start that I was hoping for on January 1st, as I slept through midnight celebrations at my cousin’s house in Kingston, in preparation for a morning of music, dancing, endless coconut water, and spicy ackee tacos. Instead of continuing on that high note; my year very quickly took a crash, without my knowledge—spiralling […]

It Takes A Village

I never really understood the value of community until recently. As a loner, I’ve always felt the most comfortable in the presence of my own self. It’s always been safer, easier even, to stay away from spaces that call for socialisation and spend all my free time with myself. So of course exploring the world on my own has never […]

A Letter From My Brother

Brother unlucky came to visit. He traveled upward of 36 hours to come and see me. And he stayed for 12 days. During those 12 days, we went to Bangkok, Koh Phi Phi, and Bali. They were all beautiful in their own ways. Bali, specifically, was magical. But, in the end, it didn’t really matter where we went or didn’t […]

The Things I Won’t Miss About China

Obviously, I started putting this together before I actually left China. But I left and went straight to India and completely immersed myself in that incredible experience. (It deserves a separate blog. Soon.) Nevertheless, seeing as how I am still in Asia, I still find most of this relevant. I didn’t have the time of my life in China, as […]

China is Killing Me Slowly

And I can’t determine if I mean that figuratively or literally or a little bit of both. I just got out of the hospital that I vowed to never return to not even as a dead person. I’m ok, I’m not terminally ill or labelled with any dis-ease. My body is just continuously responding quickly and negatively to this toxic […]